Welcome Home

Here at MILKWEED, we want you to feel excited about coming home. Your home is your nest and it is important to tend to it. And what more important time than when you are preparing to welcome a new little bundle of joy?

Whether it is an original hand drawn cushion, our soft and cuddly bibs and burp cloths, or a string of bright bunting, our products boast quality and style. 

We are dedicated to giving your baby the best possible start in life, so our products are created with a focus on natural fibres and chemical free production.

Our green approach to design reflects our environmentally friendly mindset. We are conscious of our carbon footprint and the world that we are leaving for future generations. The fabrics we use, the non toxic water based printing inks, and the solvent and water free print process are all examples of our eco-friendly practice.

And you can give yourself a pat on the back for loving local! We pride ourselves on making it a priority to source all our materials and services within Australia. All of our products are designed, printed and assembled right here in Melbourne, supporting local business and enterprise.